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This photo of my favourite place when I was in prep in this spot I could be  who ever I wanted were my dreams come true ok now the indeapth part. The rule of thirds is my photo dose have the rule of thirds because it has a intent reaction personally for me that I look a the leaves it makes this peace feel mysterious.

This next photo is were I hang out now it has the rule of thirds because instenly you try to put the peace of the puzzle together and the shimmering rocks don't make it easy.

All week I have been learning about elapsed time is is really hard but with my determination and help by the teacher I can get there so this is how you do elapsed time . First you have your tim so just say we had  am 6:15 12:45pm you would make a time line and count the hour to the end and then you count the extra minutes and then in the end your answer should have been six hours 30 minutes.