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HI I am going to tell you about my marvellous mind map and what you need in it.

First you will need main branches which are bigger than the rest. They also have a subheading in the middle. You should have little branches coming off the big branches that have your information coming out of it.

Tectonic plates move the land around to different places and that's not all, click the picture below to find out more. I hope you enjoy.



This is a photo of what I think Pangea looked like. Why I'll tell you why ?

Because all of the pieces  look as if they would fit in to each other like a puzzle.

But there is a  slight change in some of them  and you might be  wondering why.

Because of  Continental drift which is when the earth gets split up by the tectonics plates.

Thanks for reading hopefully you can predict on the future or maybe even the past.


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Let me start saying how  halarious  everyones socks and shoes are . The  reason  why we are doing shoe and sock day is to celebrate Walk  To School In October.


One of the YCDIT habits is organisation. setting goals is one of the you YCDIT habits . There are short term goals and long term goals long term goals should last the hole term. Short term goals lead to long term goals swinging like a monkey to tree to tree to fined the way.


My English goal is to be able to understand what the message is telling me in the book.
- to do this I will pick just right books that are a little challenging . I will also read lost of non fiction books as part of getting better.

My goal is to be able to do division quick and accurately and on my 3,4 and fives . To do that I will have a race with mum or dad at home. And use the TT me app.

Learning behaviour 

I will focus on doing my best in class .
I will concentrate in class to do that I will ignore people next to me and pick some where sensible to sit.

Who Discovered Australia ?

You mite think that Captan Cook discovered Australia but you are not right he just mapped out the east coast. The first was William Janszoon from holland actually. well how about that people are getting history muddled up all the time maybe right your own book on this if you want to get it right.

The song I am Australia gives us a big idea about the question here it is .I stood upon the rocky shore as I watched the tall ships come for forty thousand years I'd been Australian so it's more than forty thousand years

Captain cook did not discover Australia but we all ready stablished that. But he did claim the land for the Queen in 1770 so that's why the First Fleet came to Australia with a big bumpy ride.
Nearly 80 years earlier than Captain Cook William Dampier was the first to set foot on Australian soil and saw a kangaroo but when he saw the place he wasn't impressed it was sandy,dusty and stinking hot.
The British Portuguese and Dutch sailed to some where called the spice island in the 15th century to trade spices some of the ships where blown by strong wind to Australia I know this from maps around the world found much later.

So history now would say William janszoon
So it's more confusing then you thought isn't it? So we really don't know for sure but if I where to chose it would be the aboriginals they where the first to set foot on Australia weren't they but its discovered Australia so it would be William janszoon.

As I stare in amaisment I wonder where this strang hill could be and I have finally opened my eyes to what I have to see . the  clouds look as if they were a big fat soft pillow in the sky .


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before I learnt the subject and after I learnt the subject.

Wow fantastic! I just stoped reading Roald  Dahl quotes they are the best so far this is the one I liked the most.


I found one of the best quotes it is. A person that has good thoughts can never be ugly you can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin sticked out teeth but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.

This means to me always think  that you look  great  no matter what any one else thinks.


My class has been talking about setting a leaning goal. My learning goals that will be for this term are about English, mathematics and learning behaviour.

The You Can Do It! (YCDI) goal l  that I will focus on improving  my ability to be more persistent.

I will improve my ability to be persistent. To do this I will set home work to finish things off.

In English I will focus to improving on my  writing. To do this I will chek punchudtion and use the  A+spalling app.

In maths I will focuse on my times tables. To do this I will want to be quick and accurate at my tow  five. To do this I will practise on tt me.