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Finnaly we we have done our final main a minute here is a graph of mean median and mode for example train track jumps started at 102 a# an average for the class and now the average is 135 here is the table graph take a look and feel free to comment on the rest of the m3 in a minute posts and tell me what you think about the results



in me in a minute I had to things to focus on and they where skipping and balls in the target and these where both under one minute my original answer I got 98 for skipping a nd the second turn I got 120 skips in a minute for balls in a targe5 the first go I got 6 the second  go I got 15 I guess practicing dose pay off

Last Wednesday we did me in a minute and that is a number of activities to test you physically health. We do me in a minute to achieve goals and to see averages in maths develop persistence.Goals my goals are to get more then 98 skips in a minute and get more than 5 balls ina target in one minute. How to achieve these goals is well in skipping practise to keep a pace and with the target throw over arm bu5 not to powerful.




That ole mate has spent all his waken hour to find them gold that one time he gets them gold specks he's gets him self all jolly for nothin he just gettin his boots wet and his hands wrinkled.

A forty-niner gold panning in California’s American River, 1850
Photo: L.C. McClure. Source: Wikimedia Commons



This is why I chose this avatar for me  this avatar shows  more than one side of me i'm all for being really focused on learning in class but I want to show  this one personality  . My personality  features in this avatar show that  I can be  really goofy fun humorous person and I just let all of that flow  I really do stick to learning but sometimes just need to let free . I am more of a tomboy than Your usual girl  and I really like things that most people don't people think that  I'm just plain weird and I'm ok with that because I am I like to play football and basketball and to ride my motorcycle. I love sport and and this outfit show that to. I created this avatar from the website Otaku avatar maker.

This photo of my favourite place when I was in prep in this spot I could be  who ever I wanted were my dreams come true ok now the indeapth part. The rule of thirds is my photo dose have the rule of thirds because it has a intent reaction personally for me that I look a the leaves it makes this peace feel mysterious.

This next photo is were I hang out now it has the rule of thirds because instenly you try to put the peace of the puzzle together and the shimmering rocks don't make it easy.

All week I have been learning about elapsed time is is really hard but with my determination and help by the teacher I can get there so this is how you do elapsed time . First you have your tim so just say we had  am 6:15 12:45pm you would make a time line and count the hour to the end and then you count the extra minutes and then in the end your answer should have been six hours 30 minutes.

Yesterday a guest  speaker came and spoke to us I learn about recycling water.  What I learnt was that there is a plant in Gisborne that recycles water. I will do things differently from now on like be carful of how much water I use. If you have a great idea to improve earth do it because you don't want our water like this do you.img_2454

Today I went in to the past and found out about the Ancient Olympics they had to  identify the player so to do that they would get naked they say it is for respect and harmony this is in  Greece and it was there time to show off there body's so they did with no clothes on some times there would be clothes on but only a small bit on fabric.


Finally, the shivers are gone. The fear is gone. No pressure, only relief that I came out of my student led presentation alive. I wasn't trembling at all. The only time I did that was when I had to stand outside in the cold. I got some pretty good feed back from my teacher and  parents. They said that I was going well with my work and improving in any way possible and really trying my hardest in school. Hopefully I don't have to do anything like that again.  Wait a minute! I have to do it next year! Nooooo keep calm and relaxed. Next time I will not move my body as much when I get nervous.


Don't fotget the battle field it is a place for scars and stitches a place for tears and tapering less we forget the Day saving and sivle. We have been learning in class about the Gallipoli war I find it really interesting learning on our past . Keep posted on my blog with my story's of war I have a big  fascination with writing thought type of story's .



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Can't you imagine a whole class screeming at the top of they're lungs as they look at each other. If you can't I can it is so funny seeing the boys scream like a girl and seeing how long you can do it for. That's what happen  in performing arts and I learnt that I can be crazy creative be my self and I don't care if anyone judges me.

My goal is to get over seventy persent and do my  three times tables . By the 5th December to achieve this goal  I will youse the TTme app.