This is why I chose this avatar for me  this avatar shows  more than one side of me i'm all for being really focused on learning in class but I want to show  this one personality  . My personality  features in this avatar show that  I can be  really goofy fun humorous person and I just let all of that flow  I really do stick to learning but sometimes just need to let free . I am more of a tomboy than Your usual girl  and I really like things that most people don't people think that  I'm just plain weird and I'm ok with that because I am I like to play football and basketball and to ride my motorcycle. I love sport and and this outfit show that to. I created this avatar from the website Otaku avatar maker.

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  1. Isabelle

    Hey Ella
    I really like what you did with your avatar! I haven’t seen that kind of avatar before!
    I LOVE IT! I can’t think of anything you can get better at keep up the good work!


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