Confident compassionate presentations

In our class we have all been working on an oral presentation called a "day I'll never forget" My oral presentation is going to be about Mary Wade. She is known for being one of the youngest convicts on the first fleet in the 1788 I'm feeling confident and bubbly inside hope I do well.

5 thoughts on “Confident compassionate presentations

  1. Zac

    Hi Ella,
    That was really good acting. Maybe explain the history a bit more and use a LOUDER voice.


  2. nathan1ngps

    Dear Ella

    10/10 I liked that you put expression to your face and your voice was clear as well as your volume.
    But maybe put some movement in to it instead of just standing there. Also maybe put a little bit more facts.

  3. Deegan

    Hi Ella

    I like your post and you where good a your prentation and you need to explain more in your prentation.

    From deegan

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Ella

    Great job. I liked how you put lots of facial expressions in and lots of information in to.good job.
    From Asha


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