History Reflection

Don't fotget the battle field it is a place for scars and stitches a place for tears and tapering less we forget the Day saving and sivle. We have been learning in class about the Gallipoli war I find it really interesting learning on our past . Keep posted on my blog with my story's of war I have a big  fascination with writing thought type of story's .



4 thoughts on “History Reflection

  1. benngps

    Dear Ella this post is great but it sounds like it’s half of a post.
    Don’t forget for a start is a little confusing
    From Ben

  2. Milly

    Hi Ella,

    Great job with adding a picture. Is it your own? A couple of tips for next time would be to check your spelling and punctuation. Because of this it didn’t look as good as it could be and was hard to understand.

    Keep posting,


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